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Prices and conditions

These prices are valid for enrolments relating to all terms up to and including term 3 of the academic year 18-19 (September 2018 - July 2019)

Prices are per term or per year, as follows:

1 Term: £3900

2 Terms: £6800

Year: £9950

From September 2019, due to increased contributions made to our partner schools, prices will rise to:

1 Term: £4500

2 Terms: £8000

Year: £10050

Accommodation during holidays: £200/week

There is a weekly supplement of £25 to cater for vegans and coeliacs. No extra charge is made for vegetarians.

Taxi prices are quoted individually, depending on your arrival airport and destination.

Additional costs

  • Uniforms if required
  • Any clothing needed for sports or other outdoor activities
  • Books, if the school does not provide them
  • Accommodation during holidays if you wish to stay
  • Taxis to/from your host family. We give taxi prices on an individual basis, depending on your arrival airport and your destination.
  • Daily travel costs if public transport used
  • Day-to-day spending money
  • Extra-curricular school activities (excursions or after-school clubs where a cost is involved)

Completing the application form tells us you are seriously interested, but does not commit you in any way. You only confirm and pay once you have had our offer letter with the named school and all the information you require. You can usually visit the school before confirming if you wish, at your expense.

Terms and Conditions

Your level of English

Your English needs to be of a sufficient level to follow this programme. You need to provide us with proof of your level (see enrolment form) and we will also interview you.

Interview with your host school

You may be required to attend an interview in person or via the internet. Any associated costs are not included in the price.

Helping with language learning at your host school

You must be prepared to help your host school with any activities related to your mother tongue, such as conversation classes, or by giving presentations in your language.

School rules

You must respect school rules and policies.

Accommodation dates included in the price

Accommodation is available, and included in the price, for up to 3 days before you first start school. Following that, accommodation is included for term-time dates, but not holidays. You can stay during holidays if you wish, on payment of an additional fee.

Year 11 and 12 students – special note

Year 12 students may find that their academic year ends several weeks early. Students based in the UK will often have a short break and then start their Year 13 programme in the last few weeks of the Year 12 calendar (end of June-mid-July).

Year 11 students may also finish early, as this is the year of GCSE exams in England.

Changes of host

Normally, you will stay with the same hosts throughout your studies. Sometimes a temporary or permanent change is necessary; we will organise this for you to minimise inconvenience.

Getting to school each day

Getting to school on a daily basis will be on foot, by bus/train (bus/train fares are not included in the price, but should be minimal. Sometimes hosts will give you a lift to get to school.


Fees are payable one month before you are due to arrive and are normally non-refundable. If you are not happy with either a) your accommodation or b) your school, we will make every effort, working with you, to solve the issue. If the problem is serious and not of your making, we will endeavour to change your accommodation or school. If things are still not resolved and you decide to leave the programme we may, at our discretion (taking all factors into account), refund a portion of your fees. The amount offered will depend on a) the time left to go b) our assessment of the situation (the extent to which any problems are your or our responsibility). There is no reduction in fees if you join a school year which finishes early due to examinations.

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