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Daily and weekly prices (minimum stay 10 nights)

Our prices include everything* - tuition, learning materials, accommodation, excursions (including weekly full-day London excursion), activities or work experience, time with the host family... no extra to pay! *except taxis.

To keep things really simple, we have calculated a daily price. The weekly price is 7 times the daily price.

You can arrive and leave when you like – for example arrive Weds in week 1 of July and leave Tuesday in week 3 of July. You only pay for the days/nights you stay. The minimum stay allowed is 10 nights.

Daily price: £105

Weekly price (7 nights) £735

Low-cost, shared taxi transfers at weekends.

There is a 5% discount per person for siblings (brothers and sisters) or friends booking together, provided that they book exactly the same dates. You will also save on taxi costs!

Bigger discounts are available for mini-groups of 10+ and we can include free coach transfers for groups of 25+

Please note that if you don't need accommodation (for example if you have friends/family in the area) we can give you a special, lower price. Please ask.

Parents who would like to visit at the beginning or end of the course - or at any point during the course - are very welcome. There are lots of lovely little hotels and pubs, B&B's etc offering accommodation. We can help you book a place - there is no charge for this service. We cannot place parents in host family accommodation.


Prices include:

  • Accommodation with all meals. You will usually have your own room, unless you come with a friend or sibling and wish to share. At very busy times we may ask you to share with a student of the same sex. There may be other students staying with the host family, but they will not share your language unless this is pre-agreed.
  • Tuition
  • Activities programme daily, weekdays
  • Thursday excursion
  • Full-day excursion every Saturday (London or Isle of Wight)
  • Course Certificate

Not included

  • Airport transfers. We offer low-cost weekend transfers from some airports on some dates - see below.
  • Spending money

Taxi transfer prices

Low-cost transfers at weekends (Gatwick, Heathrow)

We offer low-cost (£75 each way) airport transfers in and out at weekends from London Heathrow and London Gatwick.

These transfers are offered on the following 2023 dates only:

JULY Sun 9th, Sat 15th, Sun 16th, Sat 22nd, Sun 23rd, Sat 29th, Sun 30th AUGUST Sat 5th, Sun 6th, Sat 12th, Sun 13th.

Transfer costs (other dates/other airports)

Petersfield arrivals - Southampton, Gatwick and Heathrow are the most convenient airports. North London airports (Stansted/Luton) are to be avoided if possible – they are a long way from Petersfield.

Taxi transfer to / from Petersfield host family - all prices £GB

Southampton Bristol London
single 130 136 100 228 175 245
return 228 239 171 415 315 447
distance 50 km 63 km 39 km 112 km 82 km 115 km
approx. time 1h45
1h10m 45mins 1h55m 1h25 2h10m

Explanatory note re students aged under 18 travelling alone:

  • All students aged under 18 travelling alone must book our taxi service, because UK immigration specify that they must be met by someone and for their general safety. This means that you must book a taxi on arrival and departure unless you are being accompanied by your parents.
  • Students must also carry with them a copy of our Junior Permission Letter, signed by the parents.
  • We will treat all students aged under 15 on arrival as "unaccompanied minors", whether they have booked this service specifically with the airline or not. They will be met by a named driver on arrival and the driver or an escort provided by EnglishNaturally will stay with the student on departure until the airline has taken charge of them or they have been safely seen to departures. There is a charge of £30 for this service
  • Students aged under 18 will be met by a named driver on arrival and the driver will take them to check-in on departure. There is a £30 charge for this service

Passport Cashback

We are offering a special passport cashback scheme. Why? How does it work?

Due to Brexit, all students must have a passport, as ID cards are not valid. We understand this may involve extra expense for parents. If you get a passport especially for your trip over to us, we will give you £25 in case on arrival. Your passport “valid from” date must be no earlier than 3 months prior to your arrival date.

Terms and conditions


Fees must be received no later than 20 working days before the course starts. We must receive the full amount invoiced. Please ensure you pay all bank charges - yours and ours. If there is any difference between the invoice amount and the amount received, we will ask you to pay this during your courses, usually by credit card. [All payments by credit card are subject to a 2.5% surcharge.]

If you cancel your course before it starts, the following conditions will apply:

  • more than 20 working days notice (working days are Monday to Friday only), any fees received will be refunded, minus an administration charge of £100.
  • between 10 and 20 working days notice, we will refund 50% of fees paid
  • less than 10 working days notice, there will be no refund.

If you curtail (cut short) your course once it has started, there will be no refund, but some credit may be granted, at our absolute discretion.

Cancellation of courses by us

English Naturally reserves the right to cancel or vary courses. In such cases, English Naturally’s liability will be limited to refunds of fees paid for accommodation and tuition.

Disclosure of physical/mental conditions

  • You MUST disclose to us any physical or mental condition which could make it difficult for us to deliver a normal service to you. Failure to do this could result in our terminating your course without any right to a refund.

Minimum stay

We are very flexible on arrival and departure dates and you only pay for the nights you stay, but there is a minimum stay of 10 nights.


If any student demonstrates consistently bad behaviour, they will be asked to leave the course. No refund will apply in such cases.

Behaviour at your host family

Your host family will look after you, help you improve your English and give you a comfortable room and bed and all meals. Please be aware, however, that host families are not "hotels" and you must be prepared to show respect to your hosts (for example, during meals you should talk to them and not be on your mobile phone!). You should keep your room reasonably tidy and respect any reasonable rules that the family give you (for example, no shoes in the living room). Your stay will be much more positive if you behave in a friendly and respectful way towards your hosts.

Mobile phones

All students should bring a mobile phone with them, so that they can contact their families and so that we can contact students if we need to. However, phones should be turned off during lessons and at other times staff here ask you to turn them off. As a rule, it is good to contact your family back home once a day, but not more, because we want you to be speaking and thinking in English all the time!

Physical disabilities and other physical or mental health problems

If you have any kind of problem that could make it difficult to provide a normal service to you, you must tell us on your enrolment form. Examples would be: serious autism, anorexia, physical disability. If you tell us before you come about any problems, we will do our best to accept your enrolment and help you come and enjoy your stay, but we need to be aware so that we can plan to help you.


We cannot be held responsible if, having departed for the airport (return trips) at a reasonable time, we fail to get you to the airport in time for your flight due, for example, to extremely bad traffic conditions. In such cases, we will make sure you are looked after and we will help you book an alternative flight, but any extra flight costs will be your responsibility.

Host family locations

Our priority is to place students with good quality hosts, so some students may be placed in villages near Petersfield. A train/bus pass will be provided in such cases. Students in host families outside Petersfield will not go home until after the "Let's Meet Up!" evening event, to avoid too much travelling. A pm snack will be provided for these students.

Changes to the advertised programme

We reserve the right to alter the programme for operational reasons.

Photographs/videos for publicity purposes

By enrolling on our course you agree that any photos we take which may include you may be posted on our website/social media sites. Please contact us if you wish to opt out of this or if you see any photo online which includes you that you would like us to remove.


If you have a complaint about our service, you should contact us immediately on or call (+44) (0) 1962 859700. We will do our best to resolve the matter. Complaints received later than 10 working days after the end of a stay cannot be considered. We want you to be happy, so let us know as soon as there is a problem, so that we can correct things and make sure you enjoy your stay.

Contact us

English Naturally
Mint Yard
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Tel: +44 (0)1962 859700


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