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Hear what our students have to say about their experience on our School Year Abroad Programme

It was an amazing experience, I learned a lot and I think I improved my English a lot. I miss England so much, my friends, my family and the places. It’s gone by so quickly. I learned a lot about English culture. My English friends were very kind and friendly. I hope to come back soon! Filippo - Bournemouth

The family was perfect, they treated me very well and we were constantly talking. The house was clean, and they gave me everything I needed. The school was near the house. In the school they treated us perfectly and they offered us help when we needed it. Marcos - Ferndown

We have been given peace of mind at all times knowing that Marcos was in good hands. Marcos’s parents – Ferndown

Actually everything was pretty good, the school was great, I made new friends, I could improve my English and I discovered a new way of learning. About the host family, I think it was the best host family I could ever had, they were thoughtful and really nice to me. Lucia – Ferndown

The host family treated me like a daughter from the first day. They were amazing with me, I will never thank them enough for what they did for me. Camilla - Dorchester

It’s a really modern college with everything you need. I would definitely suggest it to my friends. Ludovico - Southampton

The atmosphere was really welcoming and I felt as a part of the school from the beginning. The teachers and members of staff are very professional and you can talk about anything with them if you have a problem. Paolo -Fordingbridge