The schools we work with do not offer residential accommodation, so we will place you with a friendly, caring host family near the school.

The family will look after you and let us know if you are having any problems at school, so that we can help.

Your family will give you all meals as well as your own room.

Your host family will be located close to the school. On a daily basis you may walk, use the bus, or get a lift from the hosts, depending on circumstances.

If your parents would like to accompany you when you arrive, or visit you at any time, that is of course fine! We can advise on local accommodation for them.


Your welfare is very important to us. We want you to be safe and happy.

  • Your school's welfare system will be the first protection. If you have any problems at school - with work or friendships, please speak to your teachers and/or the person responsible for student welfare.
  • Your host family will try to help with any day-to-day problems and will contact our office for help.
  • English Naturally will arrange for you to be mentored by a member of our staff. You will have the person's mobile phone number and in case of an urgent problem you can contact them at any time via email or a messaging app. The person appointed will meet you regularly (normally once a half term) to check that you are OK, making progress in your studies and feeling happy!

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